Becky Black Powell practiced law in Houston, Texas before staying home to raise her son.  She moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997 with her husband and son to start a woodworking business.

Becky began home schooling her son when he was in fourth grade.  Her unique approach to learning and one-on-one teaching evolved into a powerful four-part learning strategy. 
The Heart of Learning: A Four-Part Learning Strategy for the Parent and the Child, by Becky Black Powell is the result of four years of home schooling her son. Using the latest neuroscience research on how the brain learns, the author developed a four-part learning strategy that works for any subject. The book is designed to give parents the tools they need to become successful and lifelong learners.

Ms. Powell resides in the heart of Music City with her husband, son, two dogs, a cat and a bearded dragon.


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