A Teacher’s Journal

I started this blog to offer advice to parents who want to make the most of their child’s education.  Sometimes, more advice isn’t what’s needed.  In fact, sometimes I get kind of tired listening to people tell me what I ought to do.  Sometimes, the best thing is for someone else to identify with how we feel — our insecurities, our dillemas, and our triumphs.

Homeschooling can be lonely.  My son is involved in many activities outside school that keep him connected.  But, if we were in a regular school, there would be no shortage of ways to figure out how we “measure up.”  It’s not so easy in homeschool.  The responsibility I feel for giving my son what he needs and deserves–a good education–is overwhelming sometimes.  What if I fail?  What if I’ve been to easy on him?  Too hard?  What if my expectations were too high?  Too low? 

I think all we can do is keep working at it and trust that even if we don’t get everything just perfect, the seeds are planted–and in my case, at least, well fertilized!


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