Great Resources for Internet Safety

The Internet opens new horizons for any student.  But its vastness is also its pitfall.  Children need guidance about how to analyze information they find on the Internet, how to determine for themselves whether information is valid or junk.  Supervise your child’s Internet activities.  For very young children, it’s better to only go to websites you have pre-approved.  Another guideline is to use the .com, .org, .net, codes.  For students, .org and .edu are probably the most reliable for research purposes because they represent non-profit institutions and educational sites.

 Just Think is a website devoted to media literacy for children.  It has helpful information about teaching kids to analyze the validity of information they see on line.  There is even a quiz to measure your media literacy.

 Wired Kids, Inc has a great website with information for kids, tweens, teens, parents and educators.  It’s a colorful, fun to use site.

Point Smart.  Click Save. is another great website for educators and parents to learn about Internet safety. 



There is software available for parents to block specific websites or categories of websites from children.

Some links to such software are:

Sudden Link   ttp://

Media Com

Get wise Now 


Other Internet Safety and Privacy Resources







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