I Drove Him to Tears

I made my son cry yesterday.  I decided over the last couple of weeks to up the ante in home school.  My son will be in high school and I want him to be ready for that.  Because we home school, I’ve been able to create an environment for him that encourages success and avoids failure whenever possible.  But, dealing with failure is important, too, and I think I’ve deprived him of learning how by being too supportive.  I need to let him stand on his own two feet.

I feel terribly guilty about this.  I am pushing him harder this week–requiring more writing, more work, longer study periods.  Yesterday, by the end of a math test, he was sobbing and I felt like a heel.  But, I cannot back down.

My son is 13, and his hormones are raging–the zits and the fuzz on his lip prove that.  He began puberty early though, and sometimes I forget that he is only thirteen.  He’s been a very even-keeled teen so far, but I think we are about to go through some of that teen aged angst.  Me pushing him in school kind of pushed the “go” button, I think.

I guess this is another one of those parenting issues that I just have to feel my way through.  I just hope when he’s 40, he won’t have to go to therapy cause I made him cry at school!


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